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How can I manage Spam or Junked email in Enterprise Email?

There’s legitimate email in my Junk folder! How can I stop these emails from being treated like spam?

There are two ways you can tell the Enterprise Email system to bypass spam filtering for a particular address. You can either set it when you see a mail has been inadvertently sent to the Junk folder or pro-actively by adding an address to your “White List”
Bypassing the Junk/Spam Filter

Not Junk!
Open the email in your Junk folder and click Not Junk; it’s that easy!

The White List
Enter your OWA Options and enter the Block or Allow section. At the top of the window you can disable all junk filtering. You can also enter individual addresses by typing the address in the box and clicking the green plus sign

Contact Filtering
Addresses in this list will not be filtered for spam. You can check the box (which is off by default) to automatically trust your entire contact list.

The Black List
Scrolling down to the bottom of the page you have another list. Adding addresses to this list will automatically block email from being received. You can check the box at the bottom of the page to automatically block email from senders not in your contact list.

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