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The service desk asked me what my pod was, what are pods and what is mine?

Enterprise Email Pods

  • Question!

I need to know what my pod is but I can’t connect to the site, how can I find it?

  • Note

In most cases you will not need to know what your pod is. If you are having issues connecting and you need to contact the service desk they may ask what pod you connect to so it is a good idea to note what pod you’re on and remember it in case you ever need to know.

  • Answer!     

A pod is similar to a local server that you connect to and Enterprise Email pods are named based off of the location of the users that are connecting to that server. Just browse to Enterprise Email; https://web.mail.mil and click okay on the User Agreement. The next screen will display your pod.

Enterprise Email Pod
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In this example the user is on the “MITA” pod.
Pod Listing


  • https://web-ogd.mail.mil     – Ogden, UT
  • https://web-satx.mail.mil     – San Antonio, TX
  • https://web-okc.mail.mil     – Oklahoma City
  • https://web-stl.mail.mil     – St. Louis
  • https://web-mont.mail.mil     – Montgomery, AL
  • https://web-mech.mail.mil     – Mechanicsburg, PA
  • https://web-brag.mail.mil     – Ft. Bragg, NC
  • https://web-eust.mail.mil     – Ft. Eustis, VA
  • https://web-knox.mail.mil     – Ft. Knox, KY
  • https://web-wain.mail.mil     – Ft. Wainwright, AK
  • https://web-mita.mail.mil     – Mechanicsburg – ITA
  • https://web-rita.mail.mil     – Mechanicsburg – RITA
  • https://web-ravn.mail.mil     – Raven Rock, PA


  • https://web-pac.mail.mil     – Pacific Command
  • https://web-eur.mail.mil     – European Command
  • https://web-walk.mail.mil     – Camp Walker, KR
  • https://web-yoko.mail.mil     – Yokota, JP

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