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Enterprise Email: Other Errors

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System Checker

PROBLEM If this is your first time trying to connect to Enterprise Email on the machine you’re using and you are having unresolved problems logging in there may be a configuration issue with the machine. Downloading and running the following system check will tell you if your computer is compatible or not. Note If you are connecting to Outlook Web Access then you will only need the system checker to see if you have ActivClient installed correctly. For users of Windows 7 the system checker may not be necessary. As the Macintosh Operating System uses different programs for CAC authentication the system checker does not scan for Mac compliance with Outlook Web Access. Solution! Enterprise Email System Checker. The link above will prompt you to download the Enterprise Email system checker application. Download and run the file and it will tell you if your system is compliant and ready for Enterprise Email.

  1. Click the above link and save the file to your computer.
  2. This file is a “zip” file. A zip file is a compressed package that contains one or more files inside it.
  3. When you open the file you downloaded there will be another file inside it, much like a folder.
  4. Run the file named System-Check_v3-10.hta

HTTP / 1.1 503 Service Unavailable

ERROR If you ever see an error in your browser window that reads: HTTP / 1.1 503 Service Unavailable this means that the Exchange (email) server itself is offline. Solution! If you see this error message there is an issue with the server itself. You won’t be able to do anything to bypass the issue and nothing is wrong with your account. Just try again later. Note! You will almost never see this error. Enterprise Email is configured into many regional servers, called pods, and even if the pod you connect to goes offline you will be redirected to a different pod as needed so that you can still access your mail even while your primary pod is offline.

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