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Enterprise Email: Forwarding and Rules Configuration

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What are Rules in Enterprise Email and how can I configure them?

Enterprise Email Rules

  • Question!     

I have mail that comes into my Enterprise Email box that I’d rather have sent to a different mailbox.

  • Answer!     

Set a “rule” on your account. A rule can be set to automatically recognize many different parts of an email and can do several different things with them.  Please read the following guide for more details.

  • NOTE     

DO NOT set your Enterprise Email to forward to your AKO account if your AKO forwards to Enterprise Email.  You will not receive email while this loop is in effect!

  1. Create an Inbox Rule Log in to your Outlook Web Access, open your Options menu in the upper right, and select Create an Inbox Rule…
  2. Rules Click the New… button
  3. Rule Wizard Step One Open the first drop-down and select your preferred option
  4. Rule Wizard Step Two Open the second drop-down and select your preferred option
  5. Search the GAL You will be brought to a GAL search screen; the “Contacts” screen is displayed here for privacy concerns.
  6. Completed Rules Screen Click Save
  7. Click Yes to Confirm Click Yes to confirm
  8. A completed rule Once a rule has been successfully created you will get details of the rule on the right.


  • NOTE     

Army Regulation 25-2 prohibits the automatic forwarding of Military email to Commercial addresses.

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