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The Department of Defense has been taking many different opportunities to improve the standards of communication and integration between soldier and the headquarters. This means that the initiatives like the Enterprise E-Mail have helped put the entire communication between staff and soldiers into a much more lucrative and fluid context.

In fact, the Enterprise E-Mail system has just reached the one million mark of unique users! A soldier at the Fort Riley unit opened a new account and this heralded the landmark moment for Enterprise E-Mail. This makes Enterprise E-Mail one of the largest independent e-mail systems on the internet today.

The DoD Systems Agency were the ones behind the creation, they provided the ideas, the information and the communications services for Enterprise E-Mail. This means that those who are fighting abroad can get access to their e-mails whenever they require access. This takes away the need to create new accounts when you move or have to deploy, making it much easier to track old conversations and important documentation.

This equipment helps the government save millions every year by helping the entire department shave down on costs and expenditure. Bringing these services in reduces costs by helping the hardware run at a more optimum level as it is dealing with less stress. At military level, the machines cost huge amounts to run so keeping the data stream as easy as possible for the machines is a big money saver.

This means that resources can be pooled into other areas, helping the administration work as a more cohesive unit. It also means that personnel services can save money buying IT services so they can have more sources for their main aims and targets.

The system even has reliable backup systems – should it go down at any point, it can be reactivated using redundancy systems which can hold every profile in the case of emergency, taking away the chances of losing communications at a vital time.

Anybody with a Common Access Card can use this program to their benefit – it allows them access to many useful features and tools, as well as providing them with an excellent remote e-mail service. With easy communication between soldier and colleagues and the soldier’s family, it makes everything easier to manage for both personnel and technicians.

These methods are becoming more popular as the government looks to create more up to date technology to not only save money to pool into the resources of the people, but also to help the soldiers have the best chance possible in succeeding at whatever task they are involved in.

All these government led schemes are excellent for the economy and for the soldiers – it gives them more streamlined communications and it makes things easier for the staff to maintain and run the military from back in the USA.

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