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Email: “A support account has been created for you.”

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What is this email I received about my Support Account?

This email is generated the first time you contact the Help Desk by phone or email. A ticket gets created when you contact the Help Desk, and you have the ability to view this ticket in the Help Site.

This email sent me a userID and password. Is this the same as my AKO/DKO username and password?

NO. This user ID/password will only get you into your Support account.

What is a support account?

This is the account you login to on the Help site, to view/manage your support tickets.

How do I get to the Help site?

You can press the Help Button in the upper right of the screen in your AKO/DKO account, or if you are in the Support site, you click on ‘Support Home’ in the upper left of your screen.

How do I access my Support Account?

Go to the Help site, and click on ‘My Stuff.’ or you can access your Support Account directly using the following link:


How do I reset my Support Account password?

Go to the Help site, and click on ‘My Stuff.’ Go to the section that says “If you have forgotten your password…” Enter your User ID. If this doesn’t work, try the email address you used when you first contacted the Help Desk.

What happens if the password doesn’t work?

See HOW DO I CONTACT THE AKO SERVICE DESK? to contact the Help Desk. Let the Help Desk Agent know you need help with your Support Account password, not your AKO password.

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