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Dual Status Accounts

Enterprise Email February 18, 2013 Informative No Comments on Dual Status Accounts
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Dual Status Accounts

Accounts on AKO/DKO can have one or two account types associated with it depending on the account holder’s status with the military. Retiree’s that become DA Civilians or Contractors and DA Civilians or Contractors who are in the Reserves or National Guard are the most common holders of a dual account status.

Obtaining a Dual Account Status

AKO/DKO’s account status is a reflection of your status in the authoritative databases we are provided. Accounts are updated daily to match the records we’re given so within 24 hours of your personnel database entry being updated your AKO account should automatically update to reflect this change.

If you have a full account and are becoming a dual account status holder you won’t need to do anything on AKO for your AKO/DKO account to reflect your second status. If you are a Contractor and obtaining a status that would grant you permission as a full account you will be prompted to enter some verification information to upgrade your account as soon as you are listed in our database.

Missing Second Status

If you believe that you should have a dual account status but do not the service desk will unfortunately be unable to assist you directly; although they can provide confirmation of your current status we have no way to directly modify the personnel database that feeds in to AKO.

If the second status that is missing is a full account status — such as DA Civilian, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard — then please contact your S1 or other Personnel Officer (for the missing account type) to assist you. There is likely a break here entering your information into the appropriate database.

If the second status that is missing is a Contractor status please contact your supervisor or task monitor to enter your dual status information into the Contractor Verification System (CVS). This will populate into the DMDC database which is what AKO/DKO reads your Contractor and Contractor dual status information from.

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