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Downloading an entire folder from AKO

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  1. Browse to the location of the desired folders/files for download.
  2. Place a check mark in the boxes next to the folders/files you want to download.
    • ***Note*** If the size column is 0 for a folder, it will not allow download of the folder because no files exist within the folder.
  3. In the toolbar above the folders/files list, click ‘Download.’
  4. ‘Download from AKO Files’ pop-up will be received, click ‘Download.’
  5. If using IE7 or IE8 you may receive a yellow drop down box at the top of the browser’s page providing a security warning. Click on this and select ‘Download File…’
  6. You should receive a ‘File Download’ window, click ‘Save.’
  7. Choose location you wish for the zip file to be saved, and select ‘OK.’

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