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Deploying Defense Enterprise Email

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The U.S. Army Medical Command is deploying Defense Enterprise Email across the command. This is in coordination with our mission partners of NE. TCOM DISA and the Army CIO/G.

The following message is very important. As a supervisor, Soldier government, service employees, and contractor there are steps you have to take in order to make sure we have a smooth transition.

Army Medicine Details

By the end of Third Quarter FY2013 most of Army Medicine will be complete with migration to enterprise email. This means we will be better able to communicate with all of our DoD partners. This common service delivers CAC-enabled email on demand through the internet on a variety of computing devices an operating systems

Here a few quick functions that enterprise email provides:
First four gigabytes of email storage. That’s forty times the current allotment Next three. million users on the global address list. That’s everyone with the DoD CAC card.

Calendar Sharing

Calendar sharing with any Defense Enterprise Email member. Today that’s limited to MEDCOM only. So you’re tired of wrestling with a different outlook account configuration every time you move Enterprise email eliminates this hassle by allowing the user to control updates organization location duty title telephone numbers and even display their nickname.

40 times the space

Think about it – 40 times the allotment of space that you have for emails right now Many of you have experienced the difficulty of cleaning out your inbox from time to time With the migration to enterprise email- you have a lot more room to keep copies of your emails.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep track of your correspondence but we will have given you a lot more room to do it Essentially your file drawer has gotten a lot better.

In addition all MEDCOM users now have connectivity with members of everyone in the Department of Defense We now have the capability to coordinate with or all of our DoD partners Previously if someone in DoD was not on your server you had to call to get their email.

Now you are part of a global address group that has over. million users from all branches of service and Department of Defense Enterprise email not only provides every user with the robust email platform but comes with the ability to share calendars.

New Calendar Features

This new calendar share feature optimizes collaboration for every member of the Department of Defense. Those in uniform change commands or installations frequently It’s a part of military life but with enterprise email your address follows you to your new command. This means you don’t have to worry about configuring your email outlook client No more waiting for the I. T specialist to get you up and running this is what enterprise email can do for you. To be a part of enterprise email there are few steps that you will need to take before Jan seventh two thousand thirteen. Time is ticking down so don’t be left out.

Step one. The very first thing users must do is access the milConnect portal. Once logged in you can find update GAL info under quick links. This feature allows you to customize your name as it will appear in the GAL. Your duty location your job title telephone numbers etc. Go to milConnet on the web to find out.

Step two Users must reduce their mailboxes still less than a hundred and fifty megabytes of information. This allows for a speedy movement of your AMEDD mailbox across the internet to its new location on enterprise email servers.

Step three If you are current owner of a distribution list on the AMEDD GAL your distribution list will be migrated to enterprise email Distribution list with out the owners however will not be migrated.

Step four Users must move their files from public folders to the AMEDD portal or AKO or a shared drive in order to protect their data from unnecessarily lost Please note that public folder capability sunsets with this migration.

Step five As the MEDCOM’s sixteen-month migration to Windows concludes in December users are advised that government furnished computers must have Windows in order for the Microsoft. Outlook client to function Users on government computers with Windows XP will have outlook web access Capability only. Having outlook web access means that you can always have access through a CAC enabled web browser.

Look we’re not asking you to go through this alone there is support out there to help make this migration. To find out more go to the USAMI. TC portal on the web. This website has other helpful information and resources available to you such as tactics techniques and procedures for group accounts such as. OTSGOPS etcetera. Also if you’re a dual persona. That is you serve in the reserve component and are government civilian.

There is also help for you on that website What about my about my AKO account? As you migrate to enterprise email your AKO mailboxes will begin to close What does this mean to you? Your AKO username will remain available but all mail address to your AKO account what automatically forward to your enterprise email box Both AKO and AMEDD mailboxes will close after the MEDCOM migration to enterprise email. The AKO portal will remain in production so you can continue to access your resources there as usual Do your part now to insure seamless transition to enterprise email.


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