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Corporate, Private, or Organizationally sensitive information found on AKO

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Corporate, Private, or Organizationally sensitive information found on AKO

The Files section of AKO is controlled at the user level. This allows for the potential of data being uploaded to the Files area that is improperly secured either through mistake or oversight. Any user who discovers a file on AKO that is labeled incorrectly or improperly secured can submit a request through the service desk to have the document removed after an investigation by AKO PMO. Proper security of files stored and reporting of any audit trails is the responsibility of the administrator of the knowledge center. AKO PMO can only remove files it identifies as being improperly secured, please contact the administrator of the knowledge center in question if you need any other information such as who uploaded the file, who downloaded the file, or when the file was uploaded.

Taken from the SFAE-PS-NE-AKO:


3. POLICY: Per AKO policy, proper security of files stored on the portal is the responsibility of the administrator(s) of that specific files area. Therefore, if an improperly stored [document] is identified on AKO, the first step is to notify the files area administrator(s), requesting they remove the file, secure the folder, or delete the [sensitive/unique] data. If the administrator(s) fails to respond or refuses to make changes, the user who discoverd the file may request assistance from AKo. While AKO does not unilaterally remove unclassified files from the portal, representatives will engage files area administrator(s) to ensure effective security, up to and including removal of the file.


Any request made directly to a files area administrator or to the AKO service desk should be prepared with the Document ID number of the document(s) in question. To obtain this ID number simply hover your mouse pointer over the file in question and the ID number will be displayed; these files may be directly accessed using the format: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/doc/<document ID> and if you use the format: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/docinfo/<document ID> you will be brought to the information screen for the document so that it can be located in the knowledge center via document ID number.

AKO’s Policy Guide on Corporate Proprietary File Removal SFAE-PS-NE-AKO that details the guidelines on requesting removal can be located at:https://www.us.army.mil/suite/doc/35109002

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