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Contractor Email Suffix Requirements (“.ctr”)

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Contractor naming requirements on AKO

ALARACT 021_2010 mandates that email accounts for contractors be identified with a “.ctr” suffix. As the AKO/DKO has unique requirements for its account naming the following FAQ describes how your account might be affected so as to conform to ALARACT 021_2010.

As of March 2010 new accounts of the Contractor account type will have a “.ctr” suffix applied to their email address name. This is done to conform to DoD account naming guidelines which mandates that contractor’s email addresses have this branding as part of the address. All newly created Contractor accounts will have this suffix on their account.

How does this affect your account

The “.ctr” suffix applies only to the address people receive emails from and send emails to you. If you log in to the portal without a Common Access Card you will not need to enter the “.ctr” as part of your user name. For example if you were a contractor and your name was George Harrison (with no middle name) your username to log in to AKO would be george.harrison and if someone was emailing you they would use the address george.harrison.ctr@us.army.mil

Who is affected

Any newly created Contractor account will have a “.ctr” suffix. Any account that existed prior to March 2010 will not automatically convert their email address but may require it due to the needs of their organization. A contractor may have this required by their organization so check with your leadership to ensure compliance.

Dual Status

Users that have a second account type as well as Contractor (typically Retired or Reservist as well as Contractor) can not have a “.ctr” suffix on their account at this time. AKO/DKO does have an option to change your display name so that your Contractor status is reflected in the to/from field of an email just not as part of the address itself. AKO account policy states that users are allowed only a single account which must reflect your dual status nature.

How to update your account

Adding the “.ctr” suffix

If you need to add the “.ctr” suffix to your account then you may be able to enable it from within your account. First your account must be only a Contractor account; it can not be a Dual Status Contractor account such as Army Retired/Contractor. Second your account user name must match Army Enterprise Username requirements which is an account with a name of your full given first name, last name, middle initial, and any trailing numbers for duplicates. If your account matches these you can add the “.ctr” suffix to your own account by first logging in, then opening your My Account menu and selecting Mail Options, then turning the option on as directed on the page.

What to do if you are dual status

If you have a dual status such as Contractor and Army Retired or Contractor and Army National Guard then AKO does not have the capability to add a “.ctr” suffix to your account at this time. We do have a solution where your displayed name on emails, the common name that shows up in addition to your email address in the to/from fields of an email, can be updated to reflect your status as a Contractor (CTR) as needed. This can be changed back and forth at will inside your own account, just log in and open the My Account menu then select Mail Options and follow the steps on screen.

Army Enterprise Naming Convention

The Army has standardized its naming conventions for Enterprise systems. It will include your full first name (as documented), your full last name, the initial of your middle name (if you have one), and trailing numbers in the case of duplicates. If you need your user name changed to conform to the Enterprise Naming guidelines, which is required in order to add a “.ctr” suffix to your account, please call the service desk. If you have any questions about the process please check HOW CAN I CHANGE MY AKO USERNAME?.

Removing the “.ctr” suffix

If your account has the “.ctr” suffix and your account type later changes to a full account type or dual status and you need the suffix removed you can do this inside your own account. Just log in, open the My Account menu and select Mail Options, then select the option to remove the “.ctr” suffix from your account and submit.


You can access ALARACT 021_2010 at the following link:https://www.us.army.mil/suite/doc/21061540

The AKO/DKO username policy which is built off Army guidance such as this can be located at: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/doc/13359518

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