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Contacting the AKO service desk if you are hearing or vocally impaired

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If you need assistance with resetting your AKO/DKO password, you can use the options located on the login page. Check RESETTING MY AKO PASSWORD for further information on the ‘Reset Password’ link.

If you require assistance with another area of the portal, or the options will not work for your password, you can submit a trouble ticket to the help desk by clicking ‘Ask a Question’ on the AKO/DKO support home page; https://help.us.army.mil/

Additionally, you can use the Federal Relay Service to contact the help desk via TTY, ASCII, Voice, VCO, and HCO. Federal Relay was established under Public Law 100-542, the Telecommunications Accessibility Act of 1988. Federal Relay is a Federal Government service, which utilizes the FTS2001 network in order to allow Federal employees who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf/blind and or have speech disabilities equal communication access.

Their site can be accessed here: http://www.fts.gsa.gov/frs/

When contacting this site, inform them that they need to contact the AKO/DKO help desk using the ‘Contact AKO Helpdesk’ link on the AKODKO support home page: https://help.us.army.mil/

When contacting us, the Federal Relay employee will need to identify themselves as such, and we will be able to provide assistance.

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