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ISOPREP Completing your DD Form 1833 (ISOPREP)

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All personnel traveling OCONUS are required to complete a DD Form 1833 (ISOPREP). Army personnel will use the Pre-OCONUS travel File (PRO-File) fulfill this requirement. This applies to all military, Army Civilian, and contractor personnel supporting Army forces. Army forces under the Operational Control of USASOC or USSOCOM are exempt from this requirement and will follow USSOCOM guidance to meet the pre-deployment requirement.

The data entered into PRO-File surveys is transferred to the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency (JPRA). Once transferred, the data is used to populate a digital ISOPREP on SIPRnet. PRO-File is the only approved means for Army personnel to fulfill the digital ISOPREP requirement on Unclassified systems.

Are there specific requirements to complete the PRO-File Survey?

  • Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0
  • Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0
  • Windows Vista Internet Explorer 7.0
  • Valid AKO username and password
  • Two digital photographs (see slides 10 and 11 for acceptable photographs)
  • A computer printer (to print completion certificate)


Many users are already using Windows Vista Internet Explorer 8.0 with no reported problems.  Many users use Firefox 3 with no reported problems.  You may attempt to use one of the unsupported browsers, but if you experience any issues, you must then use a supported browser to enter all survey data.

Where do I find the PRO-file Survey?

You can log into the PRO-File home page at:


Read the DoD Notice and Consent Agreement, and click “OK.”

Can you walk me through how to complete the PRO-File survey?

You will need to complete and submit DD Form 1833 “ISOPREP”, and will require an AKO account. Please go to the following site for specific instructions on how to complete your PRO-File survey:


This site also provides some frequently asked questions regarding the PRO-File Survey. These FAQs can be found at the end of the document.

Are there any other materials I can look at regarding ISOPREP and the PRO-File Survey?

Yes, there is an AKO information page about PRO-File:


Alternatively the 2008 DD Form 1833_ISOPREP form can be downloaded here.

Additional ISOPREP instructions can be found here.

There is a contact form at the bottom of this page, if you need further assistance.

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