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CAC Tips

CAC Tips
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Other Common Access Card Tips:

CAC Reader Drivers

When CAC readers are removed without using “Unplug or Eject Hardware” utility with the OS, drivers are lost and CAC readers will not function properly without a reload of drivers.

CAC Reader USB 301

It appears that if a machine with a SCR301 reader is turned off while powered on loses its drivers — drivers must be reloaded.

Help Desk & Desktop Support Workload

User education upfront will eliminate help desk issues.

ACG 2.2 versus 3.0

ACG 2.2 is cumbersome to use when publishing and using SCL.  ACG 3.0 is more user friendly. Users found with ver 2.2 will be upgraded to 3.0 by CSA.

Number Locks

When inserting CAC upon initial log on, the default is NUM Lock on keyboard will turn off.  If user uses number keypad they will receive an error, “Provider could not perform the action since the context was acquired as silent.”

Laptop and RAS Access

Laptops require CAC readers even when they deploy and it is used in the stand-alone mode. CAC cached account works as a standalone.

SCL & Newcomers with CAC

Accounts can be created before a person arrives.  It is best to have the IAO provide the EDIPI number to the Help Desk  The account is created and disabled.  The account is not enabled until the person has completed New User Training and physically goes to the Help Desk. Helpdesk working the process for new users.

SCL & Newcomer without CACs I.e., contractors

Account are not created until a person receives a CAC and has an EDIPI.

Initial SCL logon to domain

The system cannot log you on due to the following error- The security database on the server doesn’t have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship”

  • Restart your computer twice;
  • If this fails to fix the issue, navigate right click and edit dns_domain_name.reg.
  • Use regedit to manually make the changes listed in this file to the user’s workstation and reboot.

The system cannot log you on due to the following error, the parameter is incorrect.      Please try again or contact your system administrator. “ Upgrade to Active Card 3.0.; user’s middleware is Active Card 2.2.

Integrated keyboard and reader error

Identified problem with integrated keyboard and reader; “cannot find card reader”.  Helpdesk has the fix for this and the correct drivers need to be installed. Model SK3106. Upgrade drivers to model of CPU (i.e. GX whatever)

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