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Changing your AKO sponsor

Enterprise Email February 28, 2013 Informative No Comments on Changing your AKO sponsor
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A sponsored account holder might need to change their sponsor to maintain account access. Their sponsor may have changed, they may have changed organizations, or their account may have deactivated after leaving one job and needs to be reactivated after joining another.

Active account

If the sponsored account holder can access their account the sponsor can be changed inside the account with no other assistance needed. To change the sponsor inside a sponsored account:

  1. Log in to the sponsored AKO/DKO account.
  2. Open the ‘My Account’ menu.
  3. Click ‘Change Sponsor’ under where it reads Sponsor Management.
  4. Enter the new sponsor’s username in the New Sponsor field.
  5. Click Submit.

After you submit your new sponsor name then the sponsor must still access their own account to approve your account. Please advise your new sponsor to log in and approve your account inside their Sponsor Management Console.

Inactive account

If your account is inactive either because your previous sponsor rejected the account, failed to approve it, or it has become deactivated from disuse then either your previous sponsor will have to reactivate the account or you, the sponsored account holder, must call the service desk for assistance with changing your sponsor. If the service desk changes your sponsor then your new sponsor will still need to approve the account in their Sponsor Management Console before you will be able to access it.

Converting a full account

If you previously had a full unsponsored account and require that it be changed to a sponsored account please contact the AKO/DKO service desk for assistance. Please have the AKO/DKO username of your sponsor available when you contact the service desk. Please note that this is possible only for users who are no longer eligible for a full account status.

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