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Browsing to AKO using a Bookmark/Favorite

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Saving a site like AKO to your bookmarks may require editing of the bookmark that is not required of many other sites. When you access AKO there is dated information that is included in the address that may invalidate your session if you attempt to use it again. If your bookmark has any of this dated information in it you may receive an error similar to the following:

  • You have been logged out of AKO.
  • Close this browser window to ensure your browser completely clears your login information.

In order to correct this please follow the steps below:

  • Open your Bookmarks menu and right-click the AKO bookmark and select properties.
  • In the address field make sure that there is nothing listed after https://www.us.army.mil
  • In Internet Explorer favorites are listed as “URL”
  • In Firefox favorites are listed as “Location”
  • Change the title of the bookmark as you wish.

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