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Blocked Links in Enterprise Email

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PROBLEM You click a link in your Outlook Web Access and are told that access to the link is “disabled to protect your security.”

The Error Screen



Clicking some links returns this error

Solution! Simply highlight the link as text using your mouse, then copy the text. You will then be able to paste the address into a new browser window and visit the site you are attempting to access. Note Internet Explorer offers a “Copy Shortcut” option when you right click on a link. Since the location of the link itself is changed, but the text is not, then using this option will not work. You must use the basic “Copy” function in order to copy a blocked URL.

Copy, NOT Copy Shortcut!


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  1. Paul June 25, 2013 at 7:50 pm

    I went to https://chess.army.mil/CMS/A/HomeUseProgram. Make sure you add hup.us@digitalriver.com to your trusted sites in options. Since all AKO webmail is being routed to EE (at least mine is), I suspect links are being disabled in the routing process as well, so use your EE address only. (Just a hunch). Good luck!