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Assigned User ID Doesn’t Match My Name

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Username Selection

When you create an unsponsored account on AKO/DKO you are given a username that conforms to the DoD’s Enterprise Username guidelines. In some cases it may appear that your assigned username does not match your given name.

Personnel Databases

AKO/DKO builds its usernames off of the data provided to use by personnel. If there is an error with your database entry such as a mis-spelling of your name then your AKO/DKO username will reflect that.

Records Quirks

It is not uncommon for a user to have either two last names or a single last name that legally includes a space in it. For users whose name is atypical their assigned username might not properly reflect their real name depending on how their name was entered into the database.

Example: A user with the name of “Van Berg, Kyle” might encounter issues if their last name was entered with a space. The records we are provided would interpret Van and Berg as separate names and give you a username that is out of order such as berg.k.van.

In order to correct this please contact your S-1 or personnel section to modify your submitted paperwork. The same issue that would cause this problem will also cause your name to be improperly recorded in many other parts of the Army database so you will need to get this corrected as soon as possible. Once this has occurred you will be given an appropriate username when registering for AKO/DKO.

If you need an AKO account immediately you can still go through with the registration process and have your username changed once your records have been updated. Just contact the service desk if and when you need a name change on your account but please note your records must be updated first.

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