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Approving a guest account

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Sponsored accounts on AKO/DKO require approval before they can be used. To approve or otherwise manage your sponsored accounts you will need to pull up your Sponsor Management Console (SMC).

Where is the Sponsor Management Console?

  1. Log in to AKO/DKO.
  2. Click on the ‘My Account’ menu.
  3. Under the heading ‘Sponsor Management’ click ‘SMC’.

After approving the account.

If you approved a newly created account then the account must go through username review before it can be accessed. Username review is to ensure that all guest accounts follow AKO/DKO username policies and the review process may take up to 48 hours.


When you sponsor an AKO/DKO guest account you are responsible for the guest users conduct on the AKO/DKO Portal. A guest user that is reported for inappropriate conduct while using the AKO/DKO portal will have the incident investigated and that guest’s sponsor contacted for questioning about the incident.

How often do I have to approve an account?

Guest account approval periods vary based on the guest account.

  1. Default – Guest accounts expire every 150 days and must then be re-approved by the sponsor.
  2. Verified – Verified guest accounts expire every 365 days before requiring re-approval.
  3. Verified Family Member – Family Member accounts that have been verified have an expiration period of three years before requiring re-approval.

Verifying a guest account.

For a guest to verify their account have them perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to AKO/DKO.
  2. Click on the ‘My Account’ menu.
  3. Click on ‘Account Information’
  4. Click ‘Verify Account’.
  5. Enter the required information.

Managing sponsored accounts.

Check How to manage your sponsored accounts to learn more about managing your sponsored accounts.

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