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“An Account Already Exists With This SSN”

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SSN in use

If you are registering for an account on AKO and receive an error indicating an account already exists with the Social Security Number you are attempting to register with then you already have an account.

A common reason for this error is having an account established for you in the past, even if you haven’t used it in years, because AKO accounts don’t get deleted. Another common reason is a recruiter or supervisor may have created an account on your behalf.

If you need assistance with accessing your AKO account you may call the service desk; however if your account was created for you then the service desk may not be able to validate your identity and you will need to contact the recruiter or supervisor that created your account for further assistance.

Creating a new account

If you are attempting to register and receive this error please do not create a new account. Your access rights are tied to your personnel record which is linked by your Social Security Number; if you do not use the account that has your SSN attached you will not have your proper access rights.

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