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AKO/DKO Files Page: Functions

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What can I view within the AKO/DKO files homepage?
The AKO/DKO Files homepage is the first page you see when you click the ‘Files’ button.  It is your main console to the files section and contains information on your file activity, as well as useful quick links.
Files Homepage Components

Organizational Files

  • Personal & Teams Files
  • Favorite Files & Folders
  • What’s New in My files
  • Access Files by ID
  • My Private Knowledge Center

Organizational Files

This will allow you to browse the organizational files and folders located on the AKO/DKO portal.

Personal and Teams Files

This will allow you to browse all personal and teams folders and any files community folders that you are subscribed to.

Favorite Files and Folders

This will display all files and folders that you have added to your favorites.

What’s New in My Files

This will display the most recent file uploads to knowledge centers that you are registered or subscribed to.

Access Files by ID

If you have the ID number of a file or folder, you can use this section to directly access it.

My Private Knowledge Center

Despite what it says, this is actually your private folder.  This will display the default private folder that is created for each AKO/DKO account.

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