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AKO Video Messaging Errors

Enterprise Email February 28, 2013 Informative No Comments on AKO Video Messaging Errors
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Ineligible to view Video

If you receive a message saying that your account was not eligible to view the message, you were not added to view the video message by the creator. Contact the creator of the message to add you to view the message. If you do not know the creator, you may need to contact the person who sent the message to you to find out who to contact.

Message is no longer available

If you are getting the message that the video is no longer available, the message has either expired or exceeded the amount of views allowed for the video. Contact the creator of the message to investigate further.

In either case, the creator of the video will need to create a new video.

When creating a video, the creator must choose how many times the video can be viewed. This will be done in the third step. If the amount of views has been exceeded, the video can no longer be viewed and the users will get a message telling them the message is no longer available.

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