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AKO Username Generation

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The usernames on AKO follow policy guidance from the Army. There have been many standards for usernames since AKO has been stood up and so you may see usernames that fall outside of the boundaries of our current policies. Our current guidelines follow below and if you require a username change the account name will have to match our current guidance.


Our full policy on user name formatting can be found at the following link. This document covers our individual account naming policy, our naming policy for Utility accounts, and whom to contact for username appeals.



When you register for an account on AKO our system will attempt to match you to one of our authoritative databases and if it finds a record for you then you will be given a username that matches our current guidance. Our current username format includes your full First name, full Last name, and your Middle initial.


As the user account names on AKO are assigned automatically length requirements will likely not affect any individual directly; the maximum limit is 60 characters (plus four character qualifier such as .ctr or .mil). Utility account names must also fit this length requirement but the additional requirements for utility account naming make it unlikely you will hit the limit.

Forgotten Username

If you have forgotten your username the portal has a function to remind you. Go to the portion of the portal where you would log in with your username and password and you should see the link that says “Remind Me” just above the upper right corner of the username box. When you click this link it will ask you to enter your your external email address (65) or your SSN or your EDIPI. If you wish to enter your EDIPI and need to retrieve it please reference How To Retrieve Your EDIPI (74). Once you enter the correct information your username will be sent to the external email address you have on file with us.

Errors (mis-matching/guest verification)

If your username does not correctly reflect your name please call the helpdesk to effect a username change on your account. This applies if you have had your name legally changed or if somehow there is a mis-spelling that is not reflected in your personnel records.

If your username does not correctly reflect the name that we have on record (this is typically due to the creation of a Family Member account prior to that family member showing in their sponsor’s DEERS entry, before our system has a chance to provide the correct username) then you will be unable to set your guest account to be a verified guest account. If you or your sponsor has any issues verifying your guest account please call the helpdesk.

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