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To edit a page you have to be either an administrator or an editor of the page.

Where do I go to edit a page?

Go to the page you want to edit.

  • Click on ‘Options’.
  • Click on ‘Edit Page’.
  • ‘Edit Page’ tools.

Within the ‘Edit Page’ view, you have several options to choose from depending on the status of the page.  Below is a list of options that may come up when editing a page:

The ‘Create a New Channel On This Page’ option will open the channel creation window.  This will allow you to choose one of the channel types listed in the (AKO/DKO Channel Guide), set various options for it, and place the channel on your page.

The ‘Add a Shared Channel To This Page’ option will present you with a list of available channels to add to your page. When creating a channel you are given the option to make the channel public. If you do this, your channel will show in this list.  Note that shared channels can only be modified by the creator of the channel.

The ‘Save Draft’ option will only appear once you have made changes to the page. If you click this, a draft version of the page with your changes will be saved and it will take you back to the normal page view.  The changes will not appear on the current version of the page until the draft is published.

The ‘Save & Publish’ option will save the changes you have made to your page, and will make those changes appear to everyone. Once saved, you will be returned to the normal page view.

The ‘Delete Draft’ option will only appear once you have made changes to the page. Clicking this option will remove any changes you made to the page that was saved within the draft and return you to the normal page view.

The ‘Done With Changes’ will only appear if you do not have any drafts for the page.  You can click on that link to return to the original view of the page.

To learn more on pages within AKO/DKO, visit the AKO Training page:https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/139150

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