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What are the options that I have when I go to a page within AKO?

Depending on your access level to the page, you will see different tools when clicking on ‘Options’ located at the top right of a page.

Below is a description of each tool within ‘Options’.

Add to Favs/Remove from Favs

Depending on your past actions with the page, you will either see ‘Add to Favs’ or ‘Remove from Favs’.

Click on ‘Add to Favs’ will add the page to your AKO/DKO favorites. If you see ‘Remove from Favs’, you have already added the page to your favorites. Clicking this button will remove the page from your favorites. Edit My Favorites Page for further information on editing your favorites.

Assign Roles

‘Assign Roles’ allows administrators to assign users and groups editor or administrative rights to the page.


‘Audit’ displays all recent changes to the page. It will not display what changes have been made to a specific channel though.

Basic View

‘Basic View’ allows an administrator to view the page the same way as a typical user would view the page. It will not display any targeted pages.

Brand Site

‘Brand Site’ will allow you to change the coloration and the picture at the top left of the page. You will need to be a user of the branding administrators group to have this option. Branding your AKO Page for further information.

Change CAC Protection

‘Change CAC Protection will allow an administrator to choose if they would like to require user’s to log in with their CAC or not to access the page.

Create Related Page

‘Create Related Page’ allows a user to create a related page. These pages can then be easily accessed within the ‘Related Content’ section on the top left of the page.


‘Discoverability’ allows an administrator choose if they would like their page show up in AKO/DKO search results.

Edit Page

‘Edit Page’ is the section of the page where an administrator can add/removed channels, change the layout of the page, and view/publish/delete page drafts.

Group Management

‘Group Management’ will take a user to the group’s properties page. If a group is not associated with the page, this option will not appear.

Page Properties

‘Page Properties’ allows an administrator to change the name, description, template of the page. Also, the administrator would go to the ‘Page Properties’ if they need to delete the page. To learn more, AKO Page Layout Options.

Page Statistics

‘Page Statistics’ displays an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly report on the page. The statistics displays how many unique and total visits on the page.

Send AKO Link

‘Send AKO Link’ allows a user to send the link to the page to another AKO/DKO user.

Send Feedback

‘Send Feedback’ allows a user to send feedback to the page administrators or the AKO/DKO help desk depending on the selection you choose.

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