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AKO Mail Client: Android Configuration

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Use the following steps to configure your AKO mail with the built in Android email application:

NOTE: These steps were confirmed on the Droid Incredible, EVO and Thunderbolt but should be consistent with other Android based phones:

  1. Open the Mail App
  2. Enter your AKO email address and password and click ‘Next’.
  3. Incoming Server Settings:
    1. Select the IMAP Protocol
    2. The Username field will have your entire email address. Delete @us.army.mil (.ctr@us.army.mil if you are a contractor)
    3. IMAP Server should be imap.us.army.mil
    4. Select the SSL Security Type and ensure the Server Port is set to 993
    5. Press ‘Next’
  4. Outgoing Server Settings:
    1. SMTP Server should be mailrouter.us.army.mil
    2. Select SSL Security Type and ensure the Server Port is set to 465
    3. Press ‘Next’

The following external link can also assist with configuring your AKO mail with the Android built in email application. If you are using an alternate application for email, you will need to consult your specific mail program’s website for assistance.


The links provided below are for third party Android email applications that have been confirmed to work with AKO Mail:

K9 Mail – http://www.appbrain.com/app/com.fsck.k9 No displayed advertisements

MailDroid – http://www.appbrain.com/app/com.maildroid Advertisements are displayed

For settings to configure your AKO mail with any of the above mail clients, please check HANDHELD DEVICES.

For configuration of other handheld devices, please check EXTERNAL CLIENT CONFIGURATION.

*These hyperlinks are provided “as is” and AKO/DKO does not warrant or imply a suitability or fitness for any particular purpose. Provisioning of these links does not convey endorsement by the US Army or AKO/DKO.

The options above will not necessarily provide you with digital signature and encryption (S/MIME).

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