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AKO Instant Messenger: Features & Troubleshooting

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AKO/DKO IM Requirements

The current version of AKO/DKO IM is Flash based and will need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to correctly run.

Visit the following website to download the latest version of Flash:http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/

Add a Shared/Portal group

Groups within AKO/DKO can be made available to the AKO/DKO IM. Only groups that you are a member of and have the “Membership List” set to show will be available within the AKO/DKO IM.

To add a group:

  1. Right click on any of the groups in your contact list, this can include the ‘Offline’ group.
  2. Click on ‘Manage Shared Groups’.
  3. Click on the group you would like to add.
  4. Click on the double arrows (<<) pointing towards “Subscribed”.
  5. Click on ‘Save’.

XMPP Clients

XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) Clients allow you to use your AKO/DKO IM within a separate client such as Jabber, MomentIM, TransVerse, Exodus, and PSI. To learn more on how to configure an XMPP client with your AKO/DKO IM, go to the Instant Messenger page within AKO/DKO:https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/179.

Report Abuse

To report abuse, you will need to enter your AKO/DKO IM history. To report chat abuse:

  1. Click on the drop down box on the top right of the page labeled “Go To”.
  2. Select “History” from the drop down box.
  3. Locate the chat session and click on it.
  4. There will be a report abuse button on the top right of the chat session log.

Constant Re-authentication Requests

Being asked to re-authenticate will happen due to the SSO timeout. Unfortunately there is nothing that we can do to change this.

When being asked to login, you can ignore the request or authenticate again. Either action will not affect the IM client. If you need to access something such as the dropdown menu to view the history, then you will need to authenticate again.

Unable to see my Contacts or Add Contacts

This issue occurs because there are contacts within your contact list that had spaces in the username. If you can see your contact list, view each contact until you find the contact with the space in it and correct it.

Another cause could be that you are adding user’s but you are not adding them to a group within your contact list. Ensure that you are adding the usernames to a group.

If you cannot see your contact list, contact the AKO/DKO help desk for further assistance.

Chat Rooms – Owner vs. Administrator

Room owners can alter the chat rooms configuration, grant ownership and administrative privileges, and delete the room.

Room administrators can ban, grant membership, and moderate privileges to users.

Chat Rooms – Persistent Chat Room

If a chat room is set to be persistent, it will survive server restarts.

Further Information

For information on new functionality, please visit the AKO/DKO IM Help page:https://akoim.us.army.mil/bantu/help/

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