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AKO Files Personal Storage Limits

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You are allocated 250MB of upload credit to any personal and teams folder within AKO/DKO.

Unfortunately, the AKO Helpdesk is unable to increase your Personal and Teams files quota. If you have exhausted your entire 250MB upload quota, you will not be able to upload any new files to any personal and teams or organizational folders. Here are three suggested options:

1Delete some files you have already uploaded to any personal and teams folder.
2Have someone else upload the file into the folder. This will count against the other person’s personal and teams quota, rather than counting against yours.
3Request a U.S. Army Organizational folder be created – for more information  check How can I request AKO Organizational Files space?.

I’ve created an organizational files community, but still having quota issues with my personal and teams files area. Why is this happening, and what can I do?

Folders that were originally created in the Personal and Teams files area, but moved to an organizational files community retain their connection to the folder creator due to audit logging requirements. This will cause files uploaded to the folder to continue counting against the creator’s files quota of 250 MB.

If you are experiencing this problem, do the following:

1Download the folder to your local computer. This will preserve the sub-folder structure during the .zip packing process (a zip will not occur if downloading just one file).
2Delete the folder from the organizational files community. This will break the logging chain and correct the issue.
3Contact help@us.army.mil to request bulk upload rights on the portal. This will allow you to upload the previously saved .zip file and unpack it, thereby restoring the sub-folder structure on AKO.
4Upload the folder from your local computer to the organizational files community.

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