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What is the section “My Alerts” on the AKO homepage meant for?

The “My Alerts” section of AKO is the portion of the home page on the left that lists the following categories of alerts:

  • AKO Mail Inbox
  • New Notifications
  • New In My Files
  • New In My Blogs
  • My Tasks

By clicking on any of these links instead of being brought to a new page you are given a flyout box that lists your alerts of the appropriate type without having to leave the home page.

AKO Mail Inbox

This link will display the number of new emails in your AKO Webmail. When you click on this link a list of your last 10 emails will be shown.

New Notifications

These are Portal notifications and can come from management of AKO or users who manage groups that you belong to within AKO. To learn more about Notifications click here.

New In My Files

If you have subscribed to a file folder within AKO you will be given a new notification when files are uploaded. To learn more about the Files section click here.

New in My Blogs

If you have subscribed to any blog within AKO update notifications will be displayed when you click on the link.

My Tasks

If you have a task assigned to you using a Business Process Management (BPM) new notifications will be displayed here. To learn more about BPM click here.

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