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Access AKO/DKO when I Retire or ETS

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Will I still be able to use my AKO/DKO account when I ETS or Retire from the Army?

Retired Status and AKO/DKO

Currently the AKO/DKO maintains unsponsored account statuses for our users who have fully retired from the service of the Army (including Army Reserves,Army National Guard, and Department of the Army Civilians).  Users who are eligible for unsponsored DKO accounts that retire must have their accounts converted to a guest status to maintain access.  For more information about converting an account to a AKO sponsored account.


Retired From the Army/Department of the Army

The database for Retiree’s and Reservists is called TAPDB-R.  Once your information is updated in the TAPDB (Total Army Personnel Database) your AKO account will convert automatically to an Army Retired account.


Separated from the Army but did not Retire

If you separated from the Army but did not achieve full retirement benefits your account will require a sponsor to maintain access. Without converting the account to a sponsored account it will be deactivated 180 days after your separation is reflected in our personnel database.  In order to maintain access you must locate an Army sponsor; for more information on converting your account to a guest please read AKO sponsored account.


Gray-Area Retiree

When a member of the Army National Guard or Army Reserves has completed their 20 years of service they are given an option to be available for call-back or to fully separate.  If you elect to be available for call-back then you are considered a “Gray-area Retiree” and your status is changed in the records we’re provided as simply Army Retired which makes you eligible for an unsponsored account as a Retiree.  If you fully separate you will require sponsorship of your account until you reach retirement age and then submit for and receive retirement benefits.  The rule of thumb is that if you receive retirement pay you are likely eligible for an AKO account.


Dual Status

If you are Army Retired but maintain a different active status with the Army Knowledge Online, such as an Army Contractor or DA Civilian or other DoD employee, then your account will reflect both of these statuses and may require you to continue accessing AKO using your CAC while you have this secondary status.


Before You Retire

Your AKO/DKO account status is a reflection of your status in our authoritative personnel database.  Due to the lag time between the period when you leave the service and the point in which your retired status is properly reflected we recommend that you update the password on your account before you surrender your CAC.  Changing your password will remove any potential CAC-only access requirement and set the password expiration counter for another five months.  This should be enough time for your personnel records to update and you should not experience any interruption in service.

Also if you are sponsoring any accounts that are not your DEERS dependants you will want to move their sponsorship to a new Army sponsor.

If your password expires before your account type is converted to Army Retired the portal will still ask you to log in with your CAC to change your password.  If you have already surrendered your CAC you can obtain a new password temporarily by using the Reset Password link on the AKO/DKO login page.  For more information on resetting your password.



An Army Retired account will maintain access to many AKO functions such as email, instant messenger, and the AKO files area.  Areas that are restricted to service members such as the Assignment Satisfaction Key or Smartforce will be unavailable after you retire.



Once your account is converted to an Army Retired account you will no longer require your Common Access Card to log in to your account, change your password, or manage your sponsored accounts.



Users who Retire from the Army maintain sponsorship ability for anyone listed in their DEERS database as dependents so everyone may maintain their AKO accounts for life.


More Information

To view AKO/DKO’s account policy click the following link: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/doc/4084113

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